Rock n' Roll Angel

From "Pickin' On Nashville"

Also on "Still Pickin'- The Best Of KHH"

Written by Richard O. Young

Yat da da dat dat da da da da dat da da da
Yat da da dat da da dat da da da

Little Rock n' roll angel's got a style that's the talk of the town
She causes traffic jams and staring in every crowd
Just one look's not enough - the boys think she's tough, she's the best
Yeah she looks so good she'll make you forget all the rest

Little Rock n' roll angel I love the way you spread your wings
Wearing high heel shoes and a dime store diamond ring
Those ruby red lips that you use to kiss all the boys
Make us dream and wish we could have you for a Christmas toy

Singing ooh la la, don't ever stop that Rock n' Roll
Keep making those pretty girls, the kind we like to hold
Bring back the jumpin' jukebox and put 'em in the places girls go
'Cause deep down inside you know an angel's gotta rock n' roll

Little rock n' roll angel I've seen that look in your eyes
You're going out to a party and you're planning to stay all night
And when the weekend's through you'll be back in school with your
Then come Friday night girl you'll start it all over again

Outro-Same as Intro with the last line repeated

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