Kickin' Them Blues Around

From "Electric Barnyard"

By Richard O. Young and Fred K. Young

Two people roll their britches maybe halfway to their knees,
Go wadin' in the water just to feel the summer breeze.
Some people go to parties just to be near all their friends,
You don't want to be alone with blue conditions setting in.

We're kickin them blues around, brothers,
Kickin' them blues around sisters.
We need someone to pick us up when we're down,
To help us kick them blues around.

Mama's cookin' cat head biscuits rolled from her special dough,
And a good hot cup of coffee when you come in from the cold.
Someone who really loves to lay with you at night,
Someone to lend an ear and help you drink your wine.

Repeat chorus

Lead guitar solo

Repeat chorus

Yeah, we need someone to pick us up when we're down,
When the blues come kickin' around.

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