Too Much To Lose

From "Songs From The Grass String Ranch"

Written by: Richard Young, Doug Phelps,
Vernon Dale Grissom, Greg Martin,
Anthony Kenney, Fred Young

I get tears on my pillow
When I get you on my mind
And there's no one to see me when I cry
No one knows how I miss you
When I reach out to kiss you
And there's no one to whisper goodnight

Are you lonely
Are you lonely
Just like me?
Can't you see
That no one will love you
The way that I love you
So won't you come back
'Cause you're too much to lose

Do you think there's a chance
To renew old romance
Won't you please bring your sweet love home to me?
'Cause I've searched past forever
And I know there will never
Be another who will set my soul free

(repeat chorus)

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