"Take Me Back"

From the album "Electric Barnyard"

When I was just a little boy
That was a long time back
Iíd go down to the tadpole hole
Down by the railroad track lord, lord
Down by the railroad track
Iíd catch me a handful of crawdads
And Iíd put Ďem in a olí toad sack
I wouldnít trade one single memory
For a big red Cadillac

Just a poor olí boy from arkansas
You know my daddy was a preacher man
I cut my teeth on brimstone and fire
And my mama was the finest in this land
I said the finest in this land
And every sunday morning she sing
Jesus hold my hand
Iíd hear my daddy singing hallelujah
I love that gospel man

Chorus: Take me back to the old home
Take me back to where I used to roam
Take me back to the old home
Cause Iím tired and weary
And Iíve been on this highway too long

Makiní front porch conversation
Passiní away the time
Wondering if tomorrow it will rain or shine
Lord, Lord will it rain or shine
I think Iíll go down to the river
And drop my fishiní line
And every time I lay my head down
Home is on my mind


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